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Wheel Detector/Axle Counter

Accurate wheel detection and counting is essential to numerous railroad monitoring and testing applications, including railroad signal applications. Progressive Rail Technologies has developed Wheel Detectors based on active non-contacting proximity sensors that outperform conventional “passive” style wheel detectors. Conventional wheel detectors use passive detection technology that has an output signal that varies dramatically with wheel speed. Our experience with passive wheel detectors has been that many wheels do not trigger the output signal, thereby providing an inaccurate axle count.

Our Wheel Detectors provide a consistent output signal that is independent of train speed, direction, wheel profile or other factors. The Wheel Detectors can be incorporated into another monitoring system or function as a complete axle counting/car identification system. They are easily clamped to the base of the rail without the need to drill holes through the rail.

Wheel Detector/Axle Counter Sensor Mounted in Bracket on Rail

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